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About Us

Fred Byda, owner and founder of Neighborhood Bookkeeping, helps small business owners by providing just the right level of bookkeeping, cleanup, and consulting that they need for their business. Over the years clients, friends and family have asked about personal finance tips and ideas. The answer was always the same. There was just not enough time to focus on both so business clientele became the focus.

The time is now right for a personal finance blog to help those looking for ways to maximize efficiency with the resources they must manage each month for their respective households. The principles are the same whether your household is a single person with no kids or a married couple with many children. The last 15 months have been some of the most challenging financially for many people.

I want to use my personal experiences along with other articles that I find insightful to help others maximize and stretch their dollar further. This will include articles on personal finance topics such as saving, debt, investing, taxes and any other articles that you the reader want to know more about.

Please enjoy the articles and feel free to leave a comment on the page with your suggestions.